Where Children Learn Through Play!

About us

Welcome to Fairmount Cooperative Preschool, a school that both the parents and children attend. Our preschool is concerned with the education of young children; in a cooperative, we recognize that parents are the primary educators of their children. Teachers, parents and children are brought together and all benefit. Teachers grow in insight and skill, parents grow in understanding and confidence, and children reap the best of both.

Our trained and experienced teachers will help your children grow into responsible individuals capable of assuming control over their own behavior. Out teachers devote their complete attention to the needs of children at the school without the interruptions and other responsibilities parents face at home. The aim of our school is to act as a supplement to, not a substitute for the home.

We stress the importance of LEARNING THROUGH PLAY - not rushing children through the pleasurable experience of being children - and of learning to live with others.

Parents or guardians of a child enrolled at the school are welcome and encouraged to visit the school at any time. Please notify a staff member upon entering the school. Prospective members are welcome to tour the entire school and observe the classes prior to registration.

Each parent can feel free to contact the School Administrator, President, Vice-President, Room Parent, or other staff member when assistance is needed with questions or concerns related to our program.