All Co-op members who are not Board members are asked to work on one committee. Here are the committees at our Co-op:

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Creative Movement

Young children need opportunities to move and explore with their bodies. Creative Movement is a great way to channel all of their natural energy, using it to learn while having fun.  We do not focus on a particular style of dance; like ballet, tap, or jazz. Instead, Creative Movement teaches the concepts that underlie all dance forms such as; shape, level, speed, size. Along with these, we experience basic movements like walking, running, galloping, hopping, jumping, leaping, and skipping. 

Each class is organized around a particular movement concept.  For example, on the day we explore size, we stretch our bodies out. First, we extend our arms and legs out, then bring them in close while using the words “big” and “small” to define what we’re doing.  We explore the day’s concept with a movement game like the “balloon dance”. In this game, we become big balloons and float around the room, then pop back into small ones when the music stops.

Children enjoy the freedom of expression in movement. So, we end each class with a final opportunity to experience that freedom. The children are encouraged to dance in any way they imagine.  Whether it’s running like a jaguar, spinning like a helicopter, practicing cartwheels, or something else, the children always surprise us with the dances they create. 

The Creative Movement class is taught by Erica Steinweg. She has a BFA in modern dance from the University of Utah and is pursuing certification in Iyengar yoga. She has been teaching creative movement, yoga and dance in the Cleveland area to people of all ages and situations for a number of years. Erica spent several years as a professional dancer with the Repertory Project before becoming a teacher full-time. She has worked in a variety of diverse settings from hospitals to concert halls and from elementary schools to senior centers. Erica began her work with FCP in the fall of 2002 and always finds that working with the children and teachers is one of the brightest spots in her week.


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