The Large Muscle Room is an indoor play area, which is used by the students when weather does not allow us to use the outdoor playground. The room has activities areas and equipment for the children to engage in large or gross motor activities. A castle and climbing equipment are among the most popular items the children use whenever they play in the Large Muscle Room.

The room serves many purposes for our children. The Creative Movement class uses the room to introduce the children to activities like yoga and dance, while encouraging them to understand better how their little bodies move.

The Large Muscle Room is maintained by members of the Co-op. Additional equipment is acquired by either purchase when monies allow or through the generous support of parents and local businesses.

All Co-op members who are not Board members are asked to work on one committee. Here are the committees at our Co-op:

  • Hospitality
  • Fundraising​
  • Equipment
  • ​Membership
  • Room Parents


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