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PICK-up Porch

For parents who might not always have time to come into their child's classroom to pick them up at the end of class, we have a helpful option to save you time - our Pick-Up Porch. Those using the Pick-Up Porch simply need to let their child's teacher know they will be using that option at the end of the day. Then, arrive and get in the line of cars beginning at 11:25am. Your child's teacher will bring your child right to your car at the Pick-Up Porch. All you have to do is pull up and turn off your car. The teacher will load your child into your car once the ignition is off. This pick-up option is particularly helpful for adults picking up students who already have other children in the car with them.

All Co-op members who are not Board members are asked to work on one committee. Here are the committees at our Co-op:

  • Hospitality
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  • Room Parents