The Fairmount Co-op follows the Cleveland Heights-University Heights School District for weather
related school closures.

Children will not be taken outside when the temperature (wind chill and heat index factored in) drops below 25 degrees or above 90 degrees at the time of their scheduled outdoor activity period. For your child’s sake, send
appropriate outdoor clothing!

​If outdoor play is not possible, we will play in the Muscle Room instead.​​

Weather Policy

Young 3's

(Age 3 by March 1, 2019)

Maximum class size is 12

Three days a week
Wednesday - Friday
9am - 11:30am

Tuition: $1575, payable in one, two or four payments

Tricia Stefanak is one of the co-teachers for the Young 3’s class.  Mrs. Stefanak has  15 years of preschool teaching experience and is so excited to join the Fairmount family.  Mrs. Stefanak has three children and two granddaughters and has lived in Cleveland Heights for 25 years.


  • Develop emotional skills including appropriate expression of emotion
  • Develop social skills including participation in large, small and individual activities along with sharing and problem solving with peers
  • Hear, recognize, reproduce and manipulate the sounds of language
  • Introduce the names and sounds of letters in a meaningful way
  • Increase language skills in both listening and communicating
  • Develop basic math concepts using manipulatives and hands-on activities
  • Develop perceptual/motor skills by practicing with many kinds of hands-on interactive materials for fine and large motor development
  • Increase self-dependence in skills such as caring for ordinary toilet needs without undue assistance, proper hand washing, and putting on and hanging up coats and bags
  • Build creative skills and enjoyment through experiences with art materials, music, building materials and play
  • Instill a love of learning through enjoyable, developmentally appropriate experiences


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