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NOW ENROLLING 2024-2025 

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Young 3's

(Age 3 by March 1, 2025)

Three days a week
Wednesday - Friday

3's & 4's

(Age 3 by September 30, 2024)

Four days a week
Tuesday - Friday


(Age 4 by September 30, 2024)

Four days a week
Tuesday - Friday


Our Approach

Our trained and experienced teachers will help your children grow into responsible individuals capable of assuming control over their own behavior. Our teachers devote their complete attention to the needs of children at the school without the interruptions and other responsibilities parents face at home. The aim of our school is to act as a supplement to, not a substitute for the home.


We stress the importance of LEARNING THROUGH PLAY - not rushing children through the pleasurable experience of being children - and of learning to live with others.

What Parents Think

“FCP is an amazing environment for our daughters!  The focus is on play and social learning, which research has shown to be incredibly important for development in Pre-K ages.  There is an incredible array of activities that kids engage in daily - coloring/painting, construction toys, dress-up, story time, dance, interaction with numbers/letters, and a lot of outdoor playground time.  Our oldest (Pre-K) is totally ready for kindergarten because of the co-op - she knows all her letters and numbers from class, etc, and it isn't even halfway through the year.  It is affordable, the teachers are incredible, the parents are super nice, it is a great organization.”


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