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About Us

Your Child Is in Great Hands



We are a school that both the parents and children attend. Our preschool is concerned with the education of young children; in a cooperative, we recognize that parents are the primary educators of their children. Teachers, parents and children are brought together and all benefit. Teachers grow in insight and skill, parents grow in understanding and confidence, and children reap the best of both.

Our trained and experienced teachers will help your children grow into responsible individuals capable of assuming control over their own behavior. Our teachers devote their complete attention to the needs of children at the school without the interruptions and other responsibilities parents face at home. The aim of our school is to act as a supplement too, not a substitute for the home.


We stress the importance of LEARNING THROUGH PLAY - not rushing children through the pleasurable experience of being children - and of learning to live with others.


What is a Co-Op?

A cooperative preschool recognizes that parents are the primary educators of their children. While staffed by professional teachers, a co-op is operated by the parents of the young students. Parents assist the teachers in the classroom and share responsibility in the daily work necessary to operate a successful school.

What are the parent responsiblities?

Can I bring my younger child to parent-help? 

Due to our licensing, we can only accommodate the children that are enrolled.  Parents have many different ways they arrange care for the younger siblings while they parent help in the classroom with their preschooler.  Some families have the younger siblings stay in the care of the other parent or family members.  Still other families get together and exchange babysitting days to cover each other’s parent helping days.

Parents are required to “parent help” in their child’s classroom on a rotating basis, usually about one morning a month depending on the class size.  Parent helpers are responsible for bringing a healthy snack in addition to assisting the teacher in the day’s activities.  Parents are also asked to be on a committee for the school year, to participate in the fundraisers and to help clean the classrooms as assigned.

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