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Fun & Creativity

Dino Week

Students discover the answer to the question "What does a paleontologist do?" as they excavate simulated dinosaur fossils, match skeletons with models, compare different types of dinosaur teeth and touch a real dinosaur fossil.


Olu Manns of HeartBEAT Afrika:

Shares his high energy and hands-on experience.  The kids enjoy the excitement as he involves them all in the tradition of creating a West African Drum Circle. 


Young children need opportunities to move and explore with their bodies. Creative Movement is a great way to channel all of their natural energy, using it to learn while having fun.  We do not focus on a particular style of dance; like ballet, tap, or jazz. Instead, Creative Movement teaches the concepts that underlie all dance forms such as; shape, level, speed, size. 

This is taught by Erica Steinweg every week


The CH Library visits pre-schools and elementary schools in the Cleveland Heights-University Heights community four times a year to share stories, songs, and books.


An excellent opportunity for students to experience nature first-hand with the guidance of a naturalist.  Naturalists adapt nature center programs to the classroom to help children learn about Northeast Ohio wildlife and their adaptations. 

Outside Play

The Fairmount Co-op Preschool has a wonderful playground for our children to use when the weather allows. It is surrounded by a fence and kept up by parents of our students. Currently, the children are able to use a swing set, a miniature house, a slide and a jungle gym.

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